Valve Index Wireless Adapter Coming Soon?

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Valve Index Wireless Adapter Coming Soon

Valve Index is a well-known name for virtual reality gaming headsets. Although popular, VR headsets still require a wired adapter to work. Many are wondering if there is a wireless adapter for the Valve Indicator, or is there a Valve Indicator 2 coming. But no one knows the correct answer to these questions. Because Valve hasn’t made any official announcement yet. This article will discuss the Valve Index Wireless Adapter and the Valve Indicator 2.

Valve Index Wireless Adapter Coming Soon

Is there a wireless adapter for the valve indicator?

The valve Indicator has no wireless mode or does not support any wireless means. A wireless adapter cannot convert a wired valve indicator to a tetherless device. But the wireless adapter for the valve indicator has been the most requested feature since the original release of the adapter-mounted valve indicator.

Many rumors and evidence predict that valve indicator wireless kits will be introduced sooner or later. In July 2020, Valve registered a patent that hints at an upcoming wireless adapter for the Valve Indicator headset. However, it has not been confirmed whether the patent refers to a Valve Index wireless adapter or an entirely new Valve Indicator 2 headset.

However, Valve’s patent filed in September 2020 indicates that wireless and adapter-supported versions of the Valve Indicator are coming. So, we can say that wireless adapters for valve indicators are indeed coming. But no one knows the exact release date yet. But one thing is certain the next generation will get a wireless adapter for the valve indicator.

Valve Index Wireless Adapter | Rumors and predictions

Investigators found references to a new headset prototype within the SteamVR code and speculated that Valve is working on a new VR headset, the Valve Index 2. According to the researchers, the new headset will be wireless and standalone, meaning you won’t need to connect This is for using it on a PC.

A famous VR YouTuber also claimed that members of his community found multiple references pointing to Valve Index 2. He announced that they found the code name “Deckard” from the SteamVR code. He then made specific cross-references from Valve’s recent patents and predicted that the new headset would have an internal processor and antenna. These changes will allow the headset to connect to Wi-Fi, so the new valve indicator will be wireless and standalone.

A new Valve headset has also been predicted by Ars Technica, who claims an insider confirmed the news to him. According to Ars, Valve is working on a new headset. But, right now, it’s nowhere near a commercial release. According to Ars’ sources, future headsets will have an internal tracking system to avoid relying on the base station for tracking.

While the previously discussed are just predictions from VR gaming professionals, Valve already has a VR headset, the Valve Index, which has sold out since its release. So, we can say that Valve is working on a new and better headset, as the previous one was a big success.

However, it is unknown if the new headset will include a wireless adapter. Valve has already made a PC that can fit into a handheld device, so they could make a wireless adapter for the Valve Indicator or make a wireless Valve Indicator 2. Moreover, Valve is launching Steam Deck in a few days, so the company will work to make it successful before releasing a new product. So we have no choice but to wait. The widely used valve indicator is not wireless and you have to use different cables to use it. If you don’t know how to set up the valve indicator, read our next section.

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Valve indicator setup instruction

The valve indicator doesn’t have a wireless adapter, so you have to use cables. To setup the valve indicator, follow our instructions:

  • Make sure you have a VR-supported PC.
  • Check the SteamVR performance to see if your PC meets the hardware requirements for virtual reality. Also, update your graphic card drivers.
  • Choose your play area and remove any obstacles, including children and pets, from that area. Valve recommends a space of at least 2m x 1.5m (6.5ft x 5ft) to fully enjoy a room-scale VR experience.
  • Set up the base station. Be sure to peel off the thin film from the front panel of the base station. The front panel of the base station should face the playing field.
  • Connect all base stations to a power outlet.
  • Now continue the Valve Index headset to your PC using two plugs. Connect the DisplayPort cord to your graphic card port. Finally, connect the USB headset cord to your PC’s USB 3.0 port.
  • Use the headset power adapter and plug the headset and valve indicator into a power outlet
  • Launch SteamVR. Open Steam Client on PC. Look in the upper right corner and click on the VR box. Next, press the System button on the controller.
  • Follow the SteamVR instructions and finish setting up your play area.

Is there a valve index 2 coming up?

Currently, there is no information regarding Valve Index 2 release or even production. There are only predictions and blind guesses by VR experts. However, we know for sure that the Valve Index was released in 2019 and was a huge success. So, there is a possibility that we might get a Valve Index 2 anytime soon.

We don’t have any official statement about releasing Valve Index 2 But based on the patent filed by Valve and information from Valve officials, we can say that Valve Index 2 is already working and we may get good news soon. Its release date is yet to be announced. We can expect to see some features in the upcoming Valve Index 2.

  • Better comfort adjustments, enhanced ergonomics, and better weight distribution to enhance users’ VR experience.
  • Wireless adapter
  • Updated and better visuals.
  • Individual headsets.


In conclusion, the Valve Index was a big success when it was first released. However, the headset isn’t tether-less, unlike its competitor, the Oculus Quest. But according to rumors and current official information, we will soon get a wireless adapter for the valve indicator. However, we don’t know the exact date yet.


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