The Best VR Floor Mat Compatible with Meta/Oculus Quest 2

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VR Floor Mat

The VR floor mat protects you from accidental falls during immersive virtual reality gaming. If you lose yourself in VR gaming, you can damage objects and appliances around your home. Additionally, you can get hurt by hitting your head against a wall or injuring yourself.

Many VR gamers experience this problem and the right solution is to use a good quality virtual reality floor mat.

The Proximate Space Station Theo 35″ is our first top pick for being safe and easy to use. It comes in two sizes to match your room spaces.

List of Best Floor Mats for VR Deal Today!

01. IncStores Jumbo Soft

IncStores Jumbo Soft
  • 2 solid colors: black/grey
  • Easy Installation: Approx. Cut 60 tiles in 4 hours.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Certified Kid Safe, meaning they are non-toxic, allergen-free, lead-free, formamide-free, and most importantly, safe for children.
  • Material: Closed-cell EVA foam
  • Weight: ~2.0 lbs/tile
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Soft and quite comfortable.
  • Easily replaceable if any header is damaged.
  • Best price value.
  • Made from non-recyclable, non-toxic, lightweight.
  • Durable mats for high-impact workouts and sports (general dojo flooring, goji mats, aikido mats, pilates, home gyms, tumbling, and playrooms).

The IncStores Jumbo Mat comes in a black/gray or red/blue color design, both are 1-inch thick and have a durable design.

With its temperature- and sound-insulating properties, you can use it in martial arts, during sports and in the gym. It’s also pretty stable on the ground, so you don’t need to tape or glue it.

Safe and quality EVA foam that does not contain toxic substances such as lead, formaldehyde and other allergens, can be used by both children and adults.

If you must wear a foot covering, please make sure it does not have a pointed heel to avoid puncturing the mat.

02. Proximat 35″ VR Mat

ProxiMat VR Mat

With its comfortable foam and just the right amount of thickness, the Proximat is another great VR mat.

It comes in two sizes, 23-inch, and 35-inch size, depending on the size of your room.

Proximate keeps you in a safe zone within your playing area, with a center and forward face button that keeps you aware of your position.

There are various places where you can use this mat, from your home to hotels and even schools. Proximat uses anti-fatigue foam with the perfect thickness and texture for safe and enjoyable virtual reality sessions.

Also, the non-porous surface of the mat makes it easy to clean and maintain.

03. XPACK VR 35″ Mat


You can enjoy hours of VR gaming without tiring or hurting your feet with XPACK Mat’s high-density core and thick cushion.

This 35-inch VR mat maintains a firm grip on the ground surface, keeping you balanced and preventing slip or fall accidents.

It has embossed shapes on the front of the mat, so you can be aware of your direction even while playing virtual reality games.

04. Sponge neoprene

Sponge neoprene

Our most affordable option – Cleverbrand Sponge Neoprene 1/2″ Thick X 54″ Wide X 1″

Sponge Neoprene might be what you’re looking for if you want something nice for VR, yet affordable.

It comes in a closed-cell sponge neoprene design, built to resist moisture and wind. It also has noise and vibration-dampening properties.

Although it’s 0.5-inch thick, it has a firm yet soft feel that’s easy on the feet. Since the mat comes in a roll, you can easily cut it to fit your room. The whole roll can also be used to plaster your play area with no cutting required.

05. Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat

Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat

With ninja stars on the top and a smooth side on the back, this mat was made specifically for virtual reality gaming.

The material is anti-fatigue and anti-slip, and the texture and firmness are just right to keep you balanced and comfortable during VR.

In addition, it is built to last, and it stays firmly on the ground without glue, so you can fully enjoy your virtual reality gaming.

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The Final Word

Using a VR mat is a great way to avoid damaging your valuable equipment or injuring yourself while playing virtual reality games.

The market is flooded with VR mats and it can be confusing if you don’t know which one to choose. All our options are the best and most durable in the market.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can check out Clever brand Sponge Neoprene. While it’s not as good as our other options in terms of quality and design, it works very well.

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