How to use your Laptop as a Monitor for ps4?

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Use Your Laptop as a PS4 Monitor

All the TV screens in the house are occupied but you don’t want to miss your gaming session. You can use your laptop screen as a PS4 monitor. Want to know how?

You cannot connect your laptop and PS4 directly; However, you can still use your laptop as a PS4 monitor. The first thought that you might get is that an HDMI cable must be used to link these two. Unfortunately, this cable is not enough because both laptops and ps4 console support HDMI-out, and neither of them uses HDMI-in. In practice, if you try to link two HDMI output devices such as a laptop and ps4 via HDMI, you risk damaging your hardware. There are two standard methods through which you can use your laptop to play PS4 games.

  • Using a video capture card
  • Using Remote Play

In this article, we have discussed both of these methods.

How to use your laptop as a monitor for ps4

1. Video capture card

Video hdmi cableUsing a video capture card is easy and not time-consuming. The main disadvantage of this method is that you have to buy a video capture card separately, which can break your budget in some cases.

You can easily follow our step-by-step guide to link PS4 to your laptop. But before you begin, you must grab the following items:

  • A dual-function HDMI cable
  • A wireless Internet connection, otherwise,
  • Ethernet cables
  • A high-performance laptop compatible with load management
  • Any PlayStation 4 model with file sharing option enabled,
  • And a video capture card (VCC).

Step 1: Internet connection

PS4 must be online because the file-sharing option works with the Internet. This is fine if you are using a wireless internet connection; Otherwise, make sure both devices are connected to the router with an Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Setup the video capture card

Connect a video capture card to your laptop via a USB port and install the software Use high-quality VCC from a reputable source to avoid lag. Now, connect the video capture card to your PS4 console through a cable called S-Connection Cable. You can easily get this cable from a local computer store. Next, connect HDMI-in to the video capture card and HDMI-out to your PS4 console.

Step 3: Run the VCC software

Now, run the video capture card software on the laptop, and you will see the PS4 on your laptop screen. Adjust the settings according to your comfort to get the best experience.

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2. Remote Play

Remote playRemote Play will be the first choice for any gamer looking to use their laptop as a PS4 monitor. It is an official streaming service of Sony PS4, which enables the PS4 to send its video and audio output to other devices such as laptops or PCs. This method is preferred because you don’t need any third-party device or application.

Before we go into the method, let’s take a look at the following things you will need to properly connect the PS4 to your laptop:

  • A stable internet connection
  • An updated PS4 console
  • A high-performance laptop compatible with load management
  • A USB cable
  • A PlayStation Network account

Step 1: System Update

Make sure your PS4 is running version 3.5 or higher. If not, update your software for optimal performance.

Step 2: Install Remote Play

Download and install the Remote Play app on your laptop. Now, turn on the PS4, go to Settings and enable Remote Play. But make sure to keep your PS4 console turned on, better to put it in rest mode to use remote play on your laptop.

Step 3: Adjust the settings

After that, open the Remote Play app you installed earlier and open Settings. Adjust the resolution and FPS based on your screen specifications for an ideal gaming experience. You can set the graphic settings according to the specifications and capabilities of your laptop.

Step 4: Connect the controller

Now, connect the PS4 controller to your laptop. To do this, simultaneously press and hold the Share and PlayStation buttons on your controller. Hold the buttons for 5 to 7 seconds and wait until the controller blinks. Once the controller is flashed, connect it to the laptop using a USB cable.

Step 5: Run the Remote Play app

Run the Remote Play app on your laptop and log in using the PS4 console credentials. Make sure your PS4 is turned on, or it won’t connect. Now you are ready to enjoy PS4 games on your laptop.



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