How to use a VR headset with Android

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How to use VR headset with android

Virtual reality is the new buzz in town This is VR for you if you’ve seen people with black glasses on their heads and their hands flailing as if fighting, jumping or moving. These are a type of virtual reality headset that is connected to a computer and filled with games.

VR seems accessible only on a powerful PC. Wrong! Today’s VR headsets are much more accessible because they can be powered by your smartphone.

You don’t need a high-end computer or software to play; All you need is an Android smartphone and an iPhone. If you’re new to virtual reality, try to keep your viewing time to 10 minutes or less. This will help you avoid getting sick from the internet. You can gradually increase the amount you spend watching VR entertainment as you get more used to it.

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How to use VR headset with android device

VR Headset for Android

Today’s VR headsets is more ubiquitous and cheaper. You can even get your hands dirty and build a model on your own! They are headsets that you can use to play games with your Android phone

Samsung Gear VR is one of the most popular VR headsets Samsung’s S6 and S7 series, as well as some of their newer Note models, are compatible with this headset.

Setup a VR headset with an Android

When setting up your VR headset if you already have one. Don’t worry, these instructions are easy to follow and you’ll be gaming in no time.

To get started, open the VR app on your phone:

If you don’t already have a Virtual Reality app, you can get one from the Google Play Store / App Store. Simply type “VR” into your search engine to locate VR apps to download There are also apps available that check if your phone is VR-ready

Connect the headset to your phone:

Place your phone in the headset after finishing downloading. Some VR headsets include front-opening options. Make sure your phone screen is facing you. Make sure your phone is securely attached to your mount.

If it doesn’t fit, remove the protective case from your phone before installing it. Turn off the headset and don’t put it on yet.

Open a virtual reality app:

Access a VR app on your phone with a hand controller. Before mounting your hand controller, make sure it is linked to your phone via Bluetooth.

Align the screen in step four:

Once the VR app is opened, a line will appear in its center. Both screen halves are represented by these lines. Align the line with the center of your headset mount so you have an equal view on both your right and left sides.

Put on your headset:

After everything is fine and linked it’s time to turn on the headset. Place the VR headset around your head and tighten the bands until it wraps properly across your head, just like regular goggles.

Move your head to the side to make sure the straps don’t close.

You can also change the lens distance while using the headset. This can be adjusted with the roller on the top of the headset, which should be parallel to your nose. Focus can also be adjusted with a knob on the side of the headset.

It’s time to Play

Finally, you are ready to go. It’s time to have some fun. Have a good time and don’t hurt anyone!

A handheld controller is included with the Electric Shop VR, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It records your hand position and lets you interact with VR in a more conventional way, enhancing the immersive experience. In most games, selecting anything is limited to pointing and clicking, rather than actively engaging with elements. However, in some games, such as Drop Dead, this controller transforms into a full-fledged gun, complete with triggers and all.


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