How to Play World of Warcraft in VR

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How to Play World of Warcraft in VR

World of Warcraft, also known as WoW, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game For every World of Warcraft fan, it must have happened at least once in a lifetime to see if they could play WoW in VR. If you are a WoW fan, you must have wondered if it is possible to play WoW in VR. The answer to this simple question is that anything is possible in the digital universe with a little software tweaking, so running WoW in VR is definitely possible. In this article, I will describe the complete process through which you can enjoy WOW in VR. Let’s get started.

Play World of Warcraft in VR

A headset is required to play World of Warcraft in VR

You know it’s possible to play WoW in VR. But here, a lot of people ask if you need a specific, expensive headset like the Meta/Oculus Rift to run WoW in VR, or if a cheaper headset will do the job. After some research, we discovered that you can enjoy WoW in any VR available in the market. Even a headset like the Google Cardboard clone is enough to play WoW in VR.

WoW, fans come up with various ways to play WoW in VR, but not all of them are good enough to run the game smoothly. Some need a very high-end PC to run smoothly and not everyone can afford an expensive PC to play their favorite games. Undoubtedly, WO will increase the glasses because a separate image is created for each eye, but this will not lead to frame drops.

Play World of Warcraft in VR

How to play WoW in VR?

Playing WoW in VR is definitely an amazing experience. Flying and circling over Blackrock Mountain in VR makes the game more realistic, adventurous, and enjoyable. Once you play games with VR you can experience everything in reality. So if you own a virtual reality headset and are a WoW fan, you must experience what it’s like to play WoW in virtual reality. Conventional monitors can’t do justice to the game.

There are several ways to play World of Warcraft in VR, available on YouTube or Google Chrome. Some of them are undoubtedly good, but some may require a high-tech PC (which obviously not everyone has) or do not run smoothly, causing the frame to drop. Here, we give you our tested solutions. Follow the steps mentioned below to play WoW smoothly in VR.

Trinus VR

Trinus is the program or software that allows you to transfer your old games to your VR headset The good thing about this app is that it also has an Android app so you can find cheap mobile-based VR headrests to transfer games to VR. The app is almost free but used with only certain limitations in the free version. This limitation will not affect your game. So it’s up to you whether you want to buy the paid version or not. Download the Trinus app from their respective website. If you are already downloaded it, then let’s move to the next step.

Setting it up

The next step is to install the PC app only if you have a PC-based headset like the Oculus Rift. If you have a different headset like PSVR, don’t worry; Trinas also has an app for this. If you’re using a mobile-based headset, download the Trinus VR Lite app. The next step is to link the VR headset to the PC. Let Trinus “connect” them.

Once the app is connected, the next step involves a little tweaking. One thing that you need to tweak is the “Image Scale”. Set the image scale to max and maximize compression. With this done, you are ready to play the game. Just press the play button, and Trinus will stream your active device’s screen to the VR headset. Now just start WoW and enjoy gaming.

World of Warcraft in VR

Tips for running WOW smoothly

Wow doesn’t run smoothly in full screen for some unknown reason, so use it as a window.

  • Make sure to get at least 60 fps. To do this, you may need to make some changes to the settings. Lower the graphic settings until you get 60 fps.
  • The thing to remember here is that you can suffer from motion sickness if you don’t have a minimum frame rate.
  • Here we will give you a macro to help you. Set any trigger key to activate the macro. Macros will allow you to use the mouselook feature and make the view more convenient for you. So here’s the macro:


If you have completed the article, then you are now fully aware of how to play WOW in VR. If you have any problem with frame rate, lower your graphic settings as it’s better to enjoy the game easily on lower graphics than to suffer with dropped frames.


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