How to Play VRChat on PC 2023

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How to Play VRChat on PC

Are you struggling with loneliness? Do you want to get out of the terrible fatigue? But, In real life, it is not as simple as it seems.

It doesn’t mean you are an orphan or have no one.

Loneliness is the feeling of not having a relationship with others, not having contact with others, even if you are married. You can have parents, siblings and children. It’s kind of scary to live with.

Wake up now! Make it possible to escape and solve your brain disability through “VR Chat” entertainment.

How to Play VR Chat on Oculus Quest 2 PC

First things first. If you are a new VR chatter, you just need to create an account.

How to create an account

VRChat is also available on other platforms such as Steam and Oculus/Meta. VR Chat is available on Steam, Oculus, or the official VR Chat app. Click the link below to manage an account.

  •  VR Chat
  •  Steam

To create an account, just follow the steps

  • Go to the VR Chat website and click on the “Login” menu in the top right corner.
How To Create an Account

  • If you already have an account, you can easily access it. For newcomers, it will need just 1-2 minutes to register the VRChat account by providing a username, email, and date of birth.
register the VRChat account
  • Go to your email account and check the mail they sent to your account. After verification, they will show you a greeting interface like below.
email account and verify

After creating an account you just need to install the VRChat application.

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How to install VRChat

To install VRChat, please visit the Steam website. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create an account on Steam with the same email you used to create the VRChat website.

  • Follow the steps to install Steam
  1. Go to the official site of Steam and you will see the “Install Steam” button above and after clicking on it it will start downloading.
How To Install VRChat
  • Click on Steam Setup to start the setup on your PC.
  • Provide the requested information and verify your email by going back to your email.

Now go to VRChat installation.

  • Log in to Steam with your username and password.
  • Search for VRChat in the search bar
VRChat installation
  • Scroll down and you will see the (Play Games) option. Click on that option and Steam will ask you if you have the Steam application. You have it, you can go with the “Yes” option.
VRChat installation 2
VRChat installation 3

VRChat Menus and Settings: A Simple Guide

I’ll walk you through everything from the very basics to the features I wish I knew when I first started streaming and playing on VRChat.

If you’re trying to figure out how VRChat works or if you have a friend you’d like to introduce to this game, show them.

Joining the VRChat "World Instance" group

There are many different examples in the world. If you open the worlds tab, you can choose the world of your choice like Black Cat.

Menus include Favorites, Create a Home, and Reset Home

If you don’t like the existing worlds, you can create a new world instance.

If you scroll down a bit you will see the (New Instance) option.

After clicking (New Instance), you will see five options – Public, Friends, Friends+, Invite+ and Invite.

VRChat Menus and Settings

Find your friends

For this, it is very easy to find your friends, send them a friend request and accept it.

  • In the “Social” menu, you’ll see a few different options, such as friend requests, your friend’s list, and a list of people in the world.
  • On the left side of the interface, you can find two options “Friends” and “Moderate Users” if you want to send a friend request to your friends.
VRChat Menus and Settings
VRChat Menus and Settings

Added friend

If you want to add a friend in the same room as you, you can access the “Player” menu and click on your friend’s name. After your friend accepts it, can play and chat with your friend.

If you find it difficult you can turn on

  • Search options
  • Search your friends’ names and invite them to your world and room after getting their names.
    Avatar performance

Performance of the avatar

Most gamers don’t realize when they first start playing the game that avatar performance is one of the most significant factors, especially when you want to attend some events. When you get invited to a VRChat club, they probably have avatar performance rules.

There are some avatars that are extremely laggy because of all the stuff people add to them. However, there are also avatars that are super optimized and run very smoothly.

Most clubs won’t let you in if your avatar performs poorly, and you’ll miss out on a high-fun experience.

Consider a good avatar with excellent performance instead.


If your avatar is not good, how will you know?

  • Click on the “AVATARS” menu.
  • Click on “Avatar Stats” or “Avatar Details” to view your avatar stats. If your avatar is underperforming, you’ll see red statistics. Otherwise, you will see green statistics.
Avatar Stats
Avatar Stats 02

Security settings

If you plan to travel to events or public areas, the “Security” setting is also very helpful.

There are different settings for quotes and quote slopes, as you can see.

You can literally see every part of someone’s avatar, hear their voice, and see their avatar if something isn’t off.

If you don’t want to go through such trouble, you can continue.

Safety settings

Controller binding

“Binding” is a must-know when you play on PC. Keyboard or mouse is the most important element here.

To find controller bindings…

  • Press “ESC” to display the main menu
  • Click on Settings and next to it, you can find the “Binding” option.
  • Click on the “Binding” option and an interface will appear showing all the key functions.

Let’s discuss some uses of basic keystrokes…

Movement = WASD


  • W = forward,
  • A = move left,
  • S = backward and
  • D = move to the right

Some other relevant functions are shown through an interface…

Safety settings 02
Safety settings 03

What is VRC+? and its benefits

  • VRC+ is a subscription-based way to support VRChat. It has some useful features that can enhance the performance of VRChat. Some of the benefits are like…
  • With VRC+ you can customize your nameplate by taking a photo with an icon you’ve created.
  • You can upgrade up to 100 avatars, while the average user has 25
  • You can easily increase your rank. For example, if normal users need to rank 15 points, a VRC+ member will only need a few points.
  • VRC+ subscribers get many more benefits such as enhanced invitations with photos, menu skinning and more.

VRChat Community Guidelines for Members

As a member of this community, there are certain guidelines to follow.

  • Each member must be 13 or older to how to play vrchat on oculus quest 2 pc
  • They do not allow any hate speech, including language, symbols and actions. In addition to sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability or personal identity are also prohibited.
  • Inappropriate content such as sharing and advertising of simulated sex acts should be avoided.
  • Impersonation of a VRChat employee is not permitted.
  • The VRChat app or SDK cannot be modified.
  • Solicitation of unauthorized products or services is not permitted within VRChat.


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