How to Cast Oculus Quest 2 to Roku TV

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How Do I Cast Oculus Quest to Roku TV

Watching or playing something with the Oculus Quest can be a great experience. And sharing this joy with family and friends will make it even more enjoyable. You can easily do this by connecting and casting a Meta/Cast Oculus Quest to the Roku TV. If you have an Oculus Quest and want to share the joy with your family and friends, read our complete guide on how to cast an Oculus Quest on Roku TV and make your evening memorable.

If you have already tried to cast an Oculus Quest to a Roku TV, you probably know that it is not very easy and there is no direct way or software to do it. In the next section, we have fully described ways to make the task easier, so keep reading.

Cast Oculus Quest to Roku TV

Here’s how to cast Oculus Quest to Roku TV:

  • Cast your phone (Android or IOS) with the Oculus Quest headset.
  • Mirror your phone screen to Roku TV.

The casting process is quite simple, as we described above. But if you don’t know how to perform the above-mentioned tasks, then continue reading the article.

Oculus Quest to Roku TV

How to cast Oculus Quest on your phone?

Casting Oculus Quest to a Roku TV is a little tricky, but that’s not the case with any other type of TV. You can easily cast Oculus Quest on any other TV. So if you have a TV and Chromecast device, use these devices, connect Oculus Quest / Quest 2 to your TV and enjoy your life.

If you don’t have a Chromecast device, don’t worry. You can still cast Oculus Quest or Quest 2 on your Android phone and then mirror it to your Roku TV. In this section, we will discuss the complete procedure to cast a Meta/Oculus Quest on your phone.

The steps to cast the Oculus Quest headset to the phone are easy to understand. You just need to select the ‘This phone’ option instead of any other option as a casting target. We will describe the whole process of casting but before starting, make sure that your phone and your search headset are on the same wireless network. Here is the casting process:

  • Open the Oculus app.
  • There is a cast icon in the upper right corner (next to the bell icon).
  • Tap this icon.
  • Select the search option.
  • Go to the ‘Cast to’ menu and choose ‘This phone option’.
  • Tap Start

Once you’ve completed this step successfully, it’s time to mirror your phone to the Roku TV.

What is screen mirroring?

Cast Oculus Quest to Roku TVScreen mirroring is a feature present on most phones. Screen Mirror lets you display your phone’s content on a nearby TV. This feature allows you to wirelessly replicate (mirror) the same screen of your mobile phone. With screen mirroring, you can display web pages, videos, audio, music, games, and basically everything on a bigger screen or Roku TV screen. When you screen mirror your phone (already cast with the Oculus Quest headset) to the Roku TV, you’re essentially casting Quest to the Roku TV.

How to use screen mirroring?

Using screen mirroring is not difficult. First, enable the screen mirroring feature from your phone. The next step is to request a connection from the phone to your best Roku TV screen. Confirm the request now. Once you approve the request, a secure connection is established. Now you can monitor your mobile screen on a Roku TV screen. You can also control the content displayed on your Roku TV screen from your mobile phone.


Here comes the end of our guide on how to cast Oculus Quest to Roku TV screen. While you can cast the Oculus Quest headset to any TV screen using Chromecast, unfortunately, that’s not the case with Roku TV. You can’t directly cast Oculus Quest to Roku TV. You need an intermediate device to do the job. Read our full article to fully understand the casting process.


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