Best VR Gun Stock for Oculus Quest 2

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Best VR Gun Stock for Oculus Quest 2

Many people want the feel of recoil while others want to simulate a real-life experience. We’ve reviewed most of the guns out there and here are the best ones.

The Glistco Magni stock is the perfect solution for those of you who don’t like the way your rifle feels in the stock. It is constructed of high-quality carbon fiber and offers an extraordinary combination of weight, stability and rigidity. The best Magni stock fits every rifle without any adjustments. However, if you are unsatisfied with the fit, can make a few minor adjustments to ensure an optimal fit.

While you may not be able to test all the gun stocks on the market, we did some research to help you choose the best VR gun stocks for Oculus Quest 2.

List of the best VR Gunstock deals today!

  • Glistco Magni Stock – Best Gunstock for Quest 2, Rift S, and Quest
  • X-Super – Best Guns Stock Pistols and Rifles for Quest 2
  • MASiKEN VR Gun Stock – Quest 2 Gun Controller Pistol

Top 3 Best VR Song Stocks

1. Glystko Magni

The Glistco Magni Stock is designed to hold your Oculus Quest 2 controllers for better stability and immersion.

First, the best VR gun stock controller is comfortable and durable to wear, with a nylon strap that keeps the stock in a stable position while playing your game.

This stock is suitable for different body types due to its easily adjustable buckle.

By gently gliding the controller over the stock magnets, the neodymium magnets are able to hold the controller securely in place and make them very easy to bend and adjust.

The lightweight and durable design, the ultra-light carbon fiber is built for action during immersive gaming.

2. Generic magnetic

This kit comes with a sling and is easy to install on the controller in less than five minutes, allowing for better VR gaming immersion.

With the Gunstock Kit, you can aim well and experience more immersion during virtual reality gaming. Fast loading and compatibility with SMGs, heavy rifles and other weapons are some of the advantages. To develop muscle memory, you can mount and unmount the controllers before wearing your headset.

The 3D-printed part is less likely to melt if you remove the clear double-sided tape cover.

The best VR Gun stock Kit is only compatible with the Oculus Quest 1 and Rift S, so buying it for the Quest 2 would be a waste of time and money.

This set includes 3 threaded metal pipes, a rear body frame, a front barrel and 2 magnetic controller mounts.

3. ProtubeVR Magtube

ProtubeVR MagTube VR Gunstock Rifle Our ultimate best VR gun stock recommendation for professional gamers. This VR rifle offers excellent and more accurate aiming and tracking during virtual reality gaming, with improved reloading for an impressive experience.

With its sturdy design, it gives stability to your controller during the action game. To make the rifle more comfortable for long periods of time, ProtubeVR has made it easy for users to adjust the rifle. The kit is suitable for any player, and regardless of their body size or gaming style.

Major VR headset brands that ProTube supports include HTC Vive, Valve Index, PSVR, HP Reverb G2, Oculus Quest & Quest 2, and Oculus Rift.

The best ProTube VR Rifle’s Magnetic Controller Holder is compatible with Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2 virtual reality headsets.

With this DIY VR gun stock kit, you will get 2 magnetic cups, a two-point sling, two wrist straps, three tubes, and other tools you need.

The performance of this kit justifies its price tag if you can afford it.

The MagTube can also be damaged by high temperatures, so it should be kept away from temperatures above 50°C.

A Guide to Buying Best VR Gun Stocks

The goals of this section are to help you screen the most suitable VR rifle stock choices from the many options available for purchase We’ve compiled a list of the four most important features you should consider when selecting a VR rifle stock.

Straps that are straight or adjustable

Some gun stocks come in a straight rigid design, which means there is no room for any adjustment, they can’t even be bent forward or backward. VR guns that have recently been introduced are more flexible to accommodate a wider variety of motions. Choosing the right gun stock primarily depends on your personal preference. While some prefer the straight gun stock design, others may opt for the latter. Be sure what want before you choose.

Mounted above the controller

On VR guns, the cups are usually mounted on the top or bottom of the stock. Either way, they stabilize and hold controllers in place.

If you’re interested in more flexibility while gaming, we recommend a top-mounted controller. This is because top-mounted controllers can be easily removed and reinstalled if necessary.

Angular regulating cup

If you’re looking for a gun stock for your headset, look for one with an angled controller cup when shopping. When you hold a gun stock under your arm, you can quickly tire of holding your controller in an upright position. When playing action games, comfort is important, and the angled controller cup improves comfort.

Construction of gun rifles

For VR gaming comfort, it’s also helpful to use a medium-heavy gun rifle, which leads us to the gun stock material. Various materials are used in the manufacture of gun rifles. For example, some are made from metal, while others are made from plastic. Your gun stock should not be too heavy or too light, as the latter may indicate that it is of inferior quality.

The most effective gun rifle out there, carbon fiber is a material that is light enough to keep you comfortable. That is dense enough to provide a realistic gaming experience. In addition to being more expensive than gun stocks made of other materials, you also need to take your budget into consideration.

At a Glance

In addition to what has been discussed, you should also consider what you need in a gun stock. Before choosing the right one for your VR headset you should tailor it to your budget. It is up to you to decide what is best for you rather than what is correct for everyone else.

We recommend the Simple Magnetic VR Gunstock as our most affordable option. However, you should note that Gunstock is not compatible with Oculus Quest 2.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide.

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