The Best Grips for Oculus Quest 2

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Best Grips for Oculus Quest 2

The Best Grips for Oculus Quest 2

You may want to enhance your virtual reality experience. The right grip for Oculus Quest 2 will be able to assist you in this endeavor.

While hand grips may sound like a simple product to choose from, you could be wrong. From a distance, they all seem the same; however, it’s not uncommon for customers to find the same cheap, slippery plastic as the original controller without any additional grips, which seems counterintuitive for something marketed as a grip.

With the best Grips for Oculus Quest 2, you’ll be able to hold the controller lightly instead of gripping it in your hand.

Here’s our review of the most popular right-hand grips on the market to help you make an informed decision

Best Grips for Oculus Quest 2

AMVR Touch Controller Grip

AMVR Touch Controller Grip

Given my love for Mamut products, the controller grips I’ve been using for the past three months have proven to be a wise choice. However, AMVR still outperforms other grips. Other grips just fit my hand, but the AMVR gives me comfort and reliability when playing at the highest level.

This one-piece elastic strap works much better than traditional double-shoe straps. No matter how you use them, they won’t slip out of your hand and you won’t have to adjust them while playing.

The cinch points are very helpful in tightening and loosening the straps as there are three slots for different hand sizes.

High demand makes it impossible for the company to continue shipping and manufacturing.

KIWI Design Silicone Grip

KIWI Design Silicone Grip

Known for their reliability and build quality, Kiwi’s Oculus Quest two grips are a testament to the company’s expertise in VR accessories.

Unlike other companies, KIWI’s products are easy to install, provide comfort and most importantly, do not block the controller’s IR light.

It has some disadvantages with thin silicone which may not last very long. However, I think it’s a pretty reasonable deal for $20 – $25

Grips for VR cover controllers

Grips for VR cover controllers

This controller grip is one of the most durable Beat Saber grips available due to its non-slip design.

Oculus Quest-2 is designed specifically for this. It has a fabric strap that is easy to adjust and is washable. It fits well even when your hands are sweaty and stays put when you listen to intense music. They have a comfortable grip that doesn’t need to be adjusted every minute you wear them.

CNBEYOUNG Touch Controller Grip Cover

CNBEYOUNG Touch Controller Grip Cover

These grips are a significant improvement over traditional plastic slick grips. If you love playing fighting games and hate sweaty hands, then you should pick them up. In addition to providing a comfortable fit in your hand, Velcro straps and an adjustable wrist strap keep the controllers in place, ensuring they stay in your hand.

My one complaint with this product was the instruction page. You’ll have to watch YouTube tutorials or figure it out yourself because the instructions on how to install them are crappy and don’t include descriptive instructions. There are only some small pictures, which are almost impossible to follow. It’s not worth the effort.

AMVR Touch Controller Grip

AMVR Touch Controller Grip

In my experience, they feel just right for the Oculus Quest 2. I’ve seen some negative reviews from users who haven’t used them for Quest 2. However, I used them for Quest 2 and I am completely satisfied with their performance. Comes with two sets of grips, spring retainers and Velcro.

With rubber grips on both sides, the straps are easily adjustable. The company has added some elasticity to the straps to prevent over-tightening

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How do you use the Quest 2 controller grip?

After reviewing hundreds of these gadgets I’ve created a guide here:

After opening the box, you will find the grips wrapped with a strap already attached.

  • VR controllers should be placed on grips.
  • You can now adjust the grip size. You can loosen the strap and wear the controller on your wrist.
  • To make a firm grip, tighten the strap.
  • To use Controller Grip, follow these three simple steps.

How can I make my Quest 2 strap more comfortable?

VR headset and controller grips need to be changed if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Adding comfort to your gaming session can be done in two ways in my opinion.

  • Besides being uncomfortable, some installed face pads are rough, adding irritation. Therefore, you should consider something completely different.

Quest 2 tips for improvement

There is no such thing as a bad controller grip or a starter controller grip. It’s all about using them properly. I prefer the two-finger claw for Quest 2, and the start point needs to be adjusted to 5cm and the x rotation needs to be adjusted to 12cm.

We have provided you with some excellent tips for Quest 2.

Use voice commands:

Instead of scrolling through your game list, you can instruct the VR voice recognition software to play Quest 2 for you.

Video your gameplay:

Since I’m a VR enthusiast, I know others as well

If you want to upgrade your equipment, you should:

Instead of using the default straps and headsets, you should find something more comfortable and reliable. For example, the Oculus Quest two controller grips should be sturdy enough to keep them from falling out of your hands. You should also place soft pads on your forehead to cushion it.

Answer the question

Does the Quest 2 controller have a strap?

You can adjust the straps to fit your hand without dancing or hurting them. Although they are secure, they are not ideal for intense gaming sessions and beat sabers. In games, punches and grenades tend to fall out of your hands more easily when you’re throwing them. That’s why the controller grip is so important.

We have the verdict

To achieve the highest level of comfort, VR controller grips and straps are essential. When you let go of the controller during your game, it falls out of your hand.


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